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February 06, 2013

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Standing out online is essential for any business. However, the competitive property market in particular faces the considerable challenge of creating maximum impact at low cost.

Online marketing demands a totally integrated solution, with pictures that paint a thousand words. In the digital world this equates to online video, which is five times more effective than the written word.

Audio tours are revolutionising the estate agency market, by combining striking photography and professional voiceovers with video-like moving images.

As a cost-effective marketing and sales tool, audio tours are a valuable way to engage with your audience. Recent research conducted by Nethouseprices.com verified that homes sell faster with an audioagent audio tour as part of a comprehensive market package.

Audioagent Audiotours:

  • Highlight the key selling points of a property quickly
  • Showcase your brand
  • Increase click through rates by up to 60%
  • Are accessible through a host of devices, making sharing via social media quick and easy

Online marketing is a must in today’s digital age and audio tours are a ‘must have’ stand out product for every agent.

Audioagent Audio tours help homes sell faster as part of a comprehensive marketing package, based on independent research conducted by Nethouseprices.com and verified by audioagent.

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