A picture is worth a thousand words


September 08, 2014

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When was the last time you reviewed your property brochures?  Are they actually selling properties or are you mainly using them as a listings tool – a useful leave-behind designed to help sell your brand?

Here are just a few benefits of well-designed property brochures:

  • Better engagement with your audience
  • Positive brand association
  • Better brand recall

Despite the rise of the internet, nine out of 10 landlords and vendors read the printed literature that you leave with them, so it is vital that these core marketing materials are not neglected in favour of newer marketing methods.

Here are our tips to bring your brochures up to scratch:

1. Take a moment to review your logo, corporate colours and fonts. Long establishment can be a huge bonus, but you don’t want to appear behind the times. Ensuring that you continue to appeal to your modern-day audience is vital. A brand refresh can breathe new life in to your business.

Whilst many design agencies charge for producing concepts, most are happy to give their time to discuss the brief free-of-charge and this process can often be enlightening. Some design studios will provide some design ideas as part of the bidding process, on the basis that it demonstrates ability and establishes trust, so it’s worth looking in to this.

2. When was the last time that you looked at the range of paper weights, finishes, print quality and brochure styles? Does your supplier offer you environmentally friendly options? Can they offer a reliable next day delivery and have you got the right balance between quality and value? Not all printers are the same.

Write to a number of suppliers and request a sample pack and rate card – websites are useful, but when it comes to printed marketing materials, nothing beats seeing the product in person and most will be happy to send you a free sample pack to help you find the right product.

3. Have you got the right mix of words and pictures to suit the intended audience and/or property type? Do you offer a range of template options to show potential vendors? Ask your supplier for different design ideas – from simple double-sided particulars with bullet point features to beautiful, multi-page brochures with fully bled images and a bespoke look and feel.

The sample pack is also a great way to inspire your creative side, as suppliers will often include a variety of their best or most popular designs.

4. The most important thing bar none when it comes to property marketing is the photography. Independent research shows landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers are all agreed on one thing – eye-catching photos are the most important aspect of property marketing, so it really is worth investing time and effort to get them as good as they can be.

A useful tip for agents that take their own photography is to utilise a photo enhancement service to take care of some of the common issues that can spoil a photo, such as poor lighting, inclement weather and unsightly movable objects such as parked vehicles.

Working with an experienced partner can be extremely beneficial – saving you time and expense in the long run.

Ravensworth is a leading supplier of print and design services with over 40 years’ experience in the property market. They have a dedicated design studio that works exclusively with agents – both large and small – and it prints and distributes marketing materials for over 6,000 UK agents each year.

Having seen first-hand the difference that eye catching photos make to property marketing, Ravensworth has launched a brand new, easy to use photo enhancement service.

They have extended a special 10% discount to Moneypenny customers, valid until the end of November 2014.

To benefit, simply:

  1. Visit http://www.ravensworthplus.com/
  2. Upload your property pictures and select your fixes
  3. Enter the voucher code moneypenny2014 at the checkout