Back to basics amid the communications maelstrom

Back to basics amid the communications maelstrom

March 10, 2014

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With the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney suggesting the UK housing market is ‘generally recovering’ and property website Rightmove reporting the biggest jump in house prices since 2007 with the average asking price now in excess of £250,000, the short supply of good quality properties is a problem.

Samantha Jones, Moneypenny’s Commercial Manager for Corporate and Property takes a look at how a back to basics marketing approach can yield surprisingly positive results in sourcing new listings:

“At a time when we seem to conduct ever increasing elements of our lives online and we would no sooner leave home without our smartphone or portable device than our car keys and wallet, it is inevitable that we are all looking for the next big thing in clever marketing to get our name out there.”

Our daily lives can feel like a communications maelstrom as we try to extract what’s important from the overload all around us. And yet in trying to be slick with fancy tools and gimmicks, are we actually guilty of missing the blindingly obvious.

Julian O’Dell of TM Training and Development, the award-winning training arm of sales and lettings agents Thomas Morris, reported recently how his firm assisted a North West-based agent by producing a highly sophisticated piece of marketing collateral – a leaflet!

It was simple, asking home-owners if they knew what their house was really worth. It was posted through doors in particular areas offering a free, no obligation valuation by an experienced local firm – no hard sell, just inviting people to call to book an appointment.

Some would be quick to mock – but perhaps surprisingly it worked! Valuation appointments soared (with Moneypenny Receptionists right behind the agent answering the additional enquiries they were struggling to get to) with the result that the agent added 15% more properties to its sales portfolio that month as compared to the previous three, exceeding targets.

There is no great science to this, just straight-forward messaging, delivered the old-fashioned way – through your letter box. Whether this is for you or not, this back to basics approach can make for a salutary lesson in recognising that we can all be guilty of making things more difficult than they need to be. New business is all around us and quite often under our nose and yet we can so often over-complicate the way we go about finding it.

As the market picks up, can you be sure that you are doing all you can to make the most of this new found optimism? Talk to your contacts, talk to your clients, work through your database, get people talking about you. Do all you can to bring variety to your marketing mix, recognising that there may be times when less is more.”