BIFM trio dream of people wanting to be an FM

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June 06, 2013

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In an unsurprisingly clean and comfortable office at the BIFM headquarters in Bishop’s Stortford, its chief executive Gareth Tancred, chairman Ismena Clout and deputy chairman Liz Kentish are discussing an evolving industry in which cost cutting is being phased out by the growing trend for innovative solutions.

“People are going back to the more traditional aspects of FM, which is about delivering value to an organisation rather than just cutting costs,” says Tancred. “We can all cut costs, that’s quite simple, but it doesn’t bring long term value, the organisations have noticed that.”

One of the main challenges faced by the association is to promote facilities management as a clear career choice. Even Tancred, Clout and Kentish concede they fell into the life of a facilities manager due to chance, having at first dabbled in areas such as manufacturing, accounting and people development. For this reason, the trio are keen to create awareness of FM, right down to primary schools.

“I would love for the profession to become so recognised in the public, like when people watch Holby City or Casualty and they all want to be doctors and nurses, I want people to say ‘when I grow up I want to be in FM” – Liz Kentish, deputy chairman.

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