Brand development isn’t just the preserve of big business


August 04, 2014

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Small Businesses

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Top tips for small business branding

Knowing where to start amongst the multitude of options is a challenge, but keep these tips in mind for branding bliss.

Companies big or small

It is the same for big brands as it is for small start-ups: your brand message should be memorable and valuable. Colour, font, slogan – give every area, big or small, full consideration so you achieve something which does your product, company and ethos justice.

Consistency is key

Whether it is business cards, letterheads or advertising material, keep it consistent. You will stand out amongst the clutter of the competition.

Grab attention – for the right reasons

The goal is to be bold and eye-catching yet reassuring and trustworthy. You want to interest customers but assure them of your care and quality. It’s about trust – customers need faith in your brand or they won’t have trust in what you’re selling.


Who are you?

Your branding should reflect your product: high-end luxury, honest value, customer service-focussed? Just like outdated designs suggest a past-it product, so too does the style of branding reflect your product’s personality and promise.

Use your brand to inspire

It’s not just about attracting customers – you also want to attract the best talent. Job-hunters want to work for branding that inspires and stands out from the rest – something they can aspire to, and be proud to be part of.

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