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September 02, 2013

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With peak holiday time just around the corner, telephone answering specialist Moneypenny is experiencing its usual increase in requests for seasonal support from business owners as they look forward to their summer break.

With UK government statistics suggesting around 75% of British people take their holidays in July and August and 7 in 10 of us taking some kind of holiday each year*, all businesses face a challenging time often leaving skeleton staff back in the office handling phone calls and managing the workload. For sole traders that challenge can be significantly magnified.

Business owner Jane Davies of Jane Davies Associates, based in Barnstaple, Devon explains why she approached Moneypenny to provide support for her telephone calls while she was away on holiday: “My main concern was having a person rather than an answering machine to handle my calls so that I didn’t miss anything coming in and I could be made aware of any urgent messages. With my Moneypenny PA Terri holding the fort I was able to enjoy my holiday, knowing that my business was in safe hands and clients were still getting a speedy and efficient response. It is not easy letting go when you run a small business but you have to. My Moneypenny PA allows me to take a break so for me it’s a way of fielding calls in a different way while maintaining a consistent response for clients.

Joanna Swash, Moneypenny Director, explains: “Holidays are always a challenge and typically we are asked to provide temporary cover for businesses during July and August as they rely on us to ensure their business calls are being taken care of when they’re away. The beauty of working in partnership in this way is the flexibility it brings, removing a staffing headache while offering a cost-effective seamless service to clients whenever they call.”

“We understand the value of a missed call and we also know from our own research that poorly handled calls are the third most likely cause of business callers losing patience. We appreciate it can be difficult to let go, but with the technologies and services available today there is no reason why business owners or managers should not be able to relax and enjoy their holidays, safe in the knowledge that their business calls are being handled promptly and professionally by someone they can trust and who understands their business.”

“Our clients all have different ways of working. For those who really need to stay in touch, the Moneypenny app enables clients to update their Moneypenny PA on the move at the touch of a button with access to call logs at all times so there’s a solution there for everybody to take some time out for a much-needed rest.”

*TNS UK Research

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