Case Study: Barton Wyatt

Case Study: Barton Wyatt

April 10, 2017

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Out of hours support takes Barton Wyatt to next level

“Engaging with Moneypenny gave us peace of mind from the start - a service we simply wouldn’t be without.”

Business challenge

Despite providing high-quality reception cover, Barton Wyatt suspected there were still missed opportunities. Keen to explore innovative ways to deliver excellence 100% of the time, the agency knew something had to change. Unsure just how many calls were going unanswered; Barton Wyatt looked to Moneypenny, with a surprising outcome.


Callers are always greeted by a professional, friendly voice and not an impersonal machine. “Our Moneypenny Receptionist, Sarah, really understands our business and knows exactly what to do with our calls,” explains James Wyatt, Partner of Barton Wyatt. Using Moneypenny’s out of hours service has been advantageous to the agency for negotiating new contracts outside of the UK.


“It’s a great feeling to know that we are never missing a call and have a reliable backstop in case of any eventuality,” adds James. Moneypenny is an extension to Barton Wyatt’s in-house team and the seamless service instils great confidence that the phones are covered without the added expense of staffing. “I am amazed that everyone isn’t using it,” concludes James.

Service highlights

Overflow support
Evening & weekend
Business continuity

Most support is needed on: Thursdays
Busiest time of day is between: 9am - 10am
Majority of people are calling: To make a lettings enquiry