Case Study: Mazda

Case Study: Mazda

March 27, 2017

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First rate service every time for Lansdown Mazda

“I don’t give praise easily, but Moneypenny is excellent. Its agile service gives us great flexibility.”

Business challenge

Whilst busily greeting visitors at front reception, Lansdown Mazda noticed calls were going unanswered. An easy and seamless solution had to be found. A Moneypenny trial seemed like the perfect place to start. This soon revealed Lansdown Mazda needed telephone answering support more than it first thought.


Whenever Lansdown Mazda’s receptionists are occupied with customers, calls are answered by Kay, its Moneypenny Receptionist. Surprised by the volume of unanswered calls taken, Lansdown Mazda is now reassured that every opportunity is captured. Customers are impressed with the first-rate service they receive and have come to expect. “As far as callers are concerned, Kay is sitting at our reception desk as one of our team”, explains Danny Sacco, Managing Director of Lansdown Mazda.


“Moneypenny is helping us capture out of hours calls: something that’s increasingly important with customers expecting a response at a time to suit them”, explains Danny. The flexibility of the service means Lansdown Mazda has found the ideal solution to recruitment costs. “At every stage, Moneypenny has been approachable and helpful. I’ll be advising other dealers to use it as it’s a no-brainer. It’s a great addition to our business”, concludes Danny.

Service highlights

Overflow support
Evening & weekend
Business continuity

Most support is needed on: Fridays
Busiest time of day is between: 5pm - 6pm
Majority of people are calling: To make a service enquiry