Case Study – Quentin Hunt

Quentin Hunt

October 15, 2015

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2 Bedford Row Chambers in London is a leading set of chambers, practising in the UK as well as all across the world, particularly in multi-jurisdictional criminal investigations.

Barrister Quentin Hunt acts as leading junior and junior counsel, specialising in fraud, health and safety and other high profile criminal cases.

Here, he describes his experience of engaging telephone answering specialist Moneypenny to support his thriving direct access practice:

“As clients call me directly and usually require time to talk, I was finding myself inundated with work and struggling to effectively manage telephone calls in a way that tied into my daily workload. Inevitably with time spent in court, travelling or in conference with clients, it was impossible for me to be able to take calls as and when the phone rang.

I was missing calls or rushing them, then having to call back, all of which was unsatisfactory. I was also aware that I was potentially missing out on new client work. I knew I needed a more manageable way of handling calls to enable me to deal with them at more appropriate times.

Moneypenny was recommended to me by a colleague so I decided to take a trial. Before it started, I spent time talking through my call handling requirements with my personal Moneypenny legal receptionist Stephanie and I was immediately impressed by her understanding of the legal process and the terminology we use.

Stephanie (supported by her small team) now delivers a tailored receptionist service, Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6pm, which perfectly suits my needs, taking the pressure off, as well as saving me time on unsuitable calls by acting as a front line filter. She handles new enquiries and takes messages; which she then emails to me so that I can set aside the time I need to deal with each one in a focussed and planned way, rather than having to dip in and out as I had done previously.

When I go on holiday now I can relax. It’s refreshing to be able to switch my phone off and set aside just a short time each day to look at my messages and respond as necessary.

Moneypenny’s clever caller recognition and caller history system means that the service is seamless so my clients are receiving a highly professional response every time.

It’s an excellent service which pays for itself over again when compared to the time gained back alone, set against my hourly rate. Also, Moneypenny Online is a handy free resource which I find useful for evaluating and planning, as it enables me to look at all past calls and messages any time.

Engaging Moneypenny has made a very welcome difference to the way I now organise my practice and I wouldn’t be without it.”