Case Study: RPM Fitness Studios

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November 08, 2016

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RPM Fitness Studios offers a personal, quality service every time

“Moneypenny has eased the pressure. We now have the support for busier periods. I’d recommend them again and again.”

Business challenge
RPM Fitness Studios was struggling to answer all of its calls. Promotional offers meant that call volumes were through the roof and staff were busier than ever completing inductions and coaching fitness sessions. Having trialled Moneypenny in the past, the leisure company looked to Moneypenny for more permanent options to ease the pressure.

Whenever the in-house team are busy, calls are routed seamlessly to Lucy, its Moneypenny Receptionist. “The service is great. If we miss a call we know that an email will be sent to us immediately,” explains Gavin Rogers, Director at RPM Fitness Studios. Moneypenny fulfils the studio’s need for a receptionist, without the associated overheads. In-house staff can be busy coaching, safe in the knowledge that every call is answered.

“It’s about someone being there to take the call, and we know that with Moneypenny every call is answered,” adds Gavin. The online portal has been a primary feature for the business, highlighting busier periods, and enabling proficient staff planning. “The high quality, friendly service we offer is far more cost effective than hiring our own receptionist. Moneypenny has made our lives a lot easier,” concludes Gavin.

Service highlights

Overflow support
Evening & weekend
Business continuity

Most support is needed on: Tuesdays
Busiest time of day is between: 11am – 12pm
Majority of people are calling: To make an enquiry