Case Study: Spire Parkway

Case Study: Spire Parkway

April 03, 2017

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Conversions and enquiries rise for Spire Parkway Hospital

“Moneypenny’s reputation, branding, people and overall service certainly gets a big tick from me and my colleagues at Spire Parkway.”

Business challenge

A new marketing strategy at Spire Parkway Hospital had resulted in a sudden increase of calls. Concerned staff were worried that calls were being missed. The hospital had heard of Moneypenny’s work with other Spire hospitals and was keen to find a solution. Committed to improving patient services, Spire Parkway decided to trial telephone support from Moneypenny.


Whenever the in-house team are busy, calls are diverted to Leanne, its Moneypenny Receptionist. “My first impressions were excellent. The team are insightful, engaging, enthusiastic and ultra-professional,” explains Alec Longhurst, Business Development Manager at Spire Parkway Hospital. Leanne is an extension of the in-house team and answers calls exactly as if based in the hospital. “From day one and throughout our time with them, the team have always been attentive and quick to respond,” adds Alec.


“To say our expectations have been met would be an understatement,” continues Alec. Since using Moneypenny, Spire Parkway has realised just how many calls were missed previously. “We’ve seen an increase in enquiries being captured, conversion to ops bookings going up, and more people walking through the door,” concludes Alec.

Service highlights

Overflow support
24-hour provision
Business continuity

Most support is needed on: Tuesdays
Busiest time of day is between: 9am - 10am
Majority of people are calling: To make a new enquiry