Case Study: Vets4Pets Wrexham

Vets4Pets Wrexham

July 27, 2017

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Overflow support takes service to the next level at Vets4Pets Wrexham

“Efficient, professional and super friendly: Moneypenny helps us deliver outstanding service to every single one of our callers”

Business challenge

Vets4Pets Wrexham works hard to provide consistently high levels of customer service, and is always looking for innovative ways to raise the bar even higher. The group’s partnership with Moneypenny presented the practice with a perfect opportunity to review the quality of its call handling provision for free. The number of calls handled by Moneypenny during the trial was a big surprise.


Calls that the in-house reception team can’t get to in time are answered by Moneypenny. “We always knew the phones were busy, but just how many calls were overflowing to other areas of the practice was a huge wake-up call”, explains Elaine Griffiths, Practice Manager at Vets4Pets Wrexham. “The Moneypenny team is excellent and we’ve been very impressed with the whole process – nothing is ever too much trouble.”


Service levels are at an all-time high, and the practice is confident it never misses an opportunity. “It’s so reassuring to know that our clients will always reach a friendly, professional person”, concludes Elaine. Team members across the business have felt the positive impact of Moneypenny; with everyone able to do their job effectively, the service truly has exceeded all expectations.

Service highlights

Overflow support
Business continuity

Most support is needed on: Mondays
Busiest time of day is between: 10am - 11am
Majority of people are calling: To book an appointment