Don’t drop the ball with the World Cup approaching

Don't drop the ball with the world cup approaching

June 04, 2014

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Football fever is upon us again with shops awash with flags and merchandise ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Between June 12th and July 13th households across the land will be fighting over the remote controls as the beautiful game takes to our televisions in four weeks of non-stop action.

Whether you’re a fan or not, be prepared and make sure your business isn’t affected.

Lisa Gough, Sales Manager at telephone answering specialist Moneypenny, says: “Whenever there is a big sporting event such as the World Cup, the Olympics, the Ryder Cup or a national occasion such as a Royal Wedding, we invariably see a shift in patterns in terms of the calls we handle for businesses of all sizes. This is most noticeable among small businesses as they seek to make sure their phones are covered while down on staff or taking time out themselves.

“During the last World Cup in 2010, requests for temporary cover soared by 28% as business owners and their staff took holiday time off or hours here and there to watch the individual matches. While business activity generally is reduced during these times, we remain busy as we are taking calls for new temporary clients and usually find that an increased number of our existing clients, for whom we normally provide overflow support, typically divert all their calls to us during these times.

“With the World Cup in Brazil this year, the time difference means we are anticipating workers finishing early as they rush home to catch the 5pm match starts, so our activity for those clients is likely to shoot up after 4pm. To allow for this we are gearing up to expect an increase in calls coming through to us during those times.

“Our staff in New Zealand will also be on standby to take over more UK business calls overnight as many of the matches will be taking place after 8pm when our UK base closes for the evening.

“With offices up and down the UK not fully manned, businesses will still be keen to make sure they aren’t missing out on any calls and business opportunities.”

England’s Group D campaign starts against Italy at 10pm (UK time) on June 14th with Uruguay next at 8pm on June 19th and Costa Rica at 5pm on June 24th.

For more information on temporary/holiday cover contact Moneypenny on 0333 20 21 005