Clever planning makes money go further

Moneypenny building

October 16, 2015

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For a time, it was a distant dream. Then came the pen-to-paper moment; followed by the first phone calls and meetings. Before too long, along came the architects, and the meetings got longer.

The progress of Moneypenny’s revolutionary headquarters has quietly been ticking along, surprising staff and clients alike when they ask about its development. A recent visit to the site confirmed this, and already the size and shape of what aims to rival the likes of Google and Apple is conceivable:


Juxtaposed with the bustle of Moneypenny life at the existing offices, the site currently seems a far cry from the energy and spirit that runs through the four Moneypenny buildings on Wrexham’s technology park – but in an exciting way. As life is breathed into this soon-to-be home for over 450 Moneypenny staff, it will be transformed into a bigger and better version of what’s already in place – with room for another 550 staff, and a whole third floor to fill. A feat that’s even more impressive when you take into account the building is being delivered for less than £150 per square foot – no more than that of a traditional office development. Proof that careful planning and creative thinking really can achieve amazing things.

Already those three floors are recognisable from the plans that are displayed in Moneypenny’s existing offices for staff to see, and with a not-so-distant completion period of spring 2016, the excitement builds each day.


This excitement is upheld with updates from Ed Reeves – co-founder and director of Moneypenny, who has been responsible for the flagship project – pinging into employees’ inboxes. Together with Facebook photo uploads as well as updates to the dedicated web page, and even staff driving past the site on their way to the current offices, it’s fair to say staff are anticipating the big move next year.

The sheer scale of the development, which Ed describes as “10 acres of dreamland”, makes Moneypenny’s existing four buildings seem like cosy offices in comparison. In fact, this isn’t far from the truth, with the 91,000 sq ft site being nearly nine times bigger than the largest of our existing offices.


The tree for the tree house meeting room has been selected, the impressive atrium mapped out and the 10 acre plot prepped. It seems the only thing left to do is stock the beer fridge in the pub! Time has flown since the start of the project, and while that’s a tendency when having fun, the fun is really just beginning.