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Laughter yoga – you’re having a laugh!

May 06, 2014

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Staff at Moneypenny have been enjoying Monday lunchtimes with a difference thanks to laughter yoga sessions, which have been offered free of charge to anyone who wants to join in.

Laughter yoga combines laughter exercises with deep breathing and aims to boost energy levels while promoting the feelings of happiness and relaxation. The perfect recipe for workplace motivation and morale? Moneypenny would definitely agree.

Laughter yoga teacher Wes Floyd who conducted the sessions at Moneypenny explains how it works: “Laughter yoga is about unconditional belly laughter and meditation, basically laughing for absolutely no reason! There are no jokes, there’s no comedy and no humour. Laughter is initiated through a combination of exercises, deep breathing, eye contact and playfulness; it’s about letting go. Inhibitions are quickly dropped and real and contagious laughter is remarkably easily achieved.”

For this reason, laughter yoga is an ideal way to familiarise colleagues and break down hierarchies in the workplace as everyone is encouraged to join in and interact with one another. Perhaps you’ve had a cohort of new employees or a reshuffle of departments; in which cases, laughter yoga helps to acquaint team members in a whole new and fun way.

Wes adds: “Science increasingly demonstrates that laughter is surprisingly good for us by helping to reduce stress, while boosting endorphins and the immune system. Laughter brings confidence and can help us improve our relationships and feel more alive. Laughter yoga is a simple, gentle and effective technique and importantly it is a fun activity that can be shared with friends, colleagues and family.”

Moneypenny is certainly in tune with ways to bring positivity to the working day, with laughter yoga being just one of the many initiatives staff have been embracing recently. Always looking for new ways to ensure employee happiness, Moneypenny recently introduced ‘fit desks’ for otherwise stationary staff to use an exercise bike while working. Together with a healthy new, subsidised salad bar and welcoming ‘Google HQ-inspired’ fun environment of the company Playroom, the laughter yoga sessions gave Moneypenny employees an opportunity to relax, unwind and feel energised for the afternoon ahead. The results of Moneypenny’s sessions showed a 100% increase in feelings of energy from the first to second session, a 70% increase in relaxation among participants and a 50% increase in happiness levels.

Moneypenny’s Managing Director Glenn Jackson is pleased that the sessions have been so well received: “We all know the value of a really good laugh. Moneypenny firmly believes that happy staff makes for a great place to work and with so many people these days spending hours sitting at workstations, it is important to find new ways to stay fit, healthy and active.”

With this in mind, is laughter yoga the new way to boost staff morale and improve productivity? With its long list of benefits, it could just be the one thing missing from your company’s weekly activity list.