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January 03, 2014

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This new algorithm was brought out to deliver better results to the user as it focuses on the meaning behind the words.  Previously Google would just focus on particular words within the search query, but now they are taking into account the meaning of the entire search query so they can bring back more precise search results quicker (hence the reason why it’s called Hummingbird!).

Google want to be able to provide the user with the answer to the question they are looking for by bringing back answers in the form of ‘Information Cards’ taken from their Knowledge Graph.  These ‘Information Cards’ are given so much prominence on the search results page that in many cases the user will be able to get the answers they’re looking for without leaving Google.

What does this mean for businesses?

  • Content is key – content is important and this hasn’t changed with the release of Google Hummingbird: websites should still be producing high-quality relevant content
  • Know your audience – carry out research into the buying process; what are the questions that your potential customers ask when considering your products or services? Once you can identify these key questions, make sure you turn this into quality content and add it to your website.
  • Mobile optimisation – Google Hummingbird is based on conversational search, which is driven by the way people search on their mobiles. Make sure that your site and the content you’re producing is optimised for mobile.
  • Rich snippets – ensure you’re giving Google as much information as possible by marking up your content. This way rich snippets for reviews etc. will be shown which should help your click through rate and help you stand out next to Google’s ‘Information Cards’.

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