Healthcare practitioners miss the most calls on Monday at 10am

Healthcare busiest times

November 10, 2016

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Healthcare practitioners are missing the most calls at the beginning of the week, with their lines the busiest at 10am on a Monday, according to telephone answering specialist, Moneypenny.

In its most recent analysis of calls to its healthcare receptionists, comprising private clinics, private GP surgeries and dental practices, Moneypenny discovered that practitioners received the highest volumes of telephone traffic first thing on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 10am and 3pm – suggesting practices and clinics are the most under-resourced at these times.

Stephanie Vaughan-Jones, Channel Manager at Moneypenny, said: “The high volume of calls are occurring at times when we would expect patients to get in touch, particularly if they are booking appointments around their working day. Whilst this might seem unsurprising, the results do suggest that many practices are underestimating the number of calls they receive from patients trying to get through to them.

“It’s all too easy for a practice to think they have the staff resources to cover busy call times, but many won’t be aware of the number of calls they are missing. These missed calls can have a huge knock-on effect for a practice – not only could this result in lower patient numbers and revenue, but also reduces the level of service they give to patients.”

Stephanie added: “Over time it can give a reputation of giving poor service when a call goes unanswered. By better understanding a patient’s needs and behaviour, practices can start to take steps to providing the great patient journey many are striving to achieve.”

Moneypenny receptionists answer in excess of 10 million telephone calls a year on behalf of businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK.