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January 07, 2014

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Estate Agency All-Stars is a recruitment agency with a difference. It attracts fresh talent to the property business and combines a rigorous vetting procedure with a five-day intensive training course, ensuring new recruits are able to be productive employees from day one.

Case study: Knightsbridge Estates, Leicestershire

Growing Leicestershire firm Knightsbridge Estates has enthusiastically embraced the concept, with one new recruit – Sarah Burberry.

Luke St Clair, Knightsbridge Estates sales director, explains: “Candidates might be able to ‘talk the talk’ at interview, but having to pass a course means they have to actually demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

“The course content is very thorough and well-structured so that a complete beginner can absorb it. They come away with good basic skills that give them a solid foundation for a career in estate agency.”

Negotiator Sarah Burberry achieved 100% at the end of training, despite having no prior experience of the property world whatsoever.  She says: “I hadn’t even bought or sold my own home before so came into it completely blind.  I found it invaluable in that I was able to pick up a lot of information in a short period of time compared with learning on the job.  Practical things like ‘The Magnificent Seven’ questions to ask when fact-finding that I could put into practice back in the office.”

Luke St Clair believes the course has accelerated Sarah’s progress by several months: “She’s become an integral part of the team very quickly.”

Estate Agency All-Stars programme

The low drop-out rate for Estate Agency All-Stars placements indicates that the approach works.  In its first year it has placed 80 All-Stars, only one of whom has left, compared with an average industry turnover rate for junior recruits of 60% in their first year of employment.

Luke St Clair concludes: “One of the most demoralising things when you’re new in any job is feeling ill-equipped to do it so, as important as knowledge and sales skills are, the training gives new starters something even more vital – confidence.”

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