How to broaden your focus


February 01, 2013

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The lens through which leaders view the world can help or hinder their ability to make good decisions. If your lens is too narrow, you risk making everything all about yourself or your team. While it can be helpful to see the fine points, you might be missing the big picture. Here are three signs it might be time to zoom out:

1. You’re overwhelmed by details. Being too focused on small things can be overpowering. Ask yourself what really matters most and focus on that.

2. You put yourself first. A tight focus doesn’t leave room for others. Consider the needs of those around you.

3. You treat every situation as unique. Narrowly focused leaders tend to reinvent many wheels because they treat every project or issue separately. Look for similar situations to use as analogies and make your job easier.

William Montgomery is a regular contributor to television and radio on leadership excellence and will be hosting a series of master classes in London throughout 2013. Read more tips