How to convert telephone enquiries into profitable business

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September 06, 2013

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Want to win more business in a difficult climate? In this very practical webinar, aimed at partners, fee earners and support staff from any work area, Ian Cooper will make you challenge your existing methods and show you how to:

  1. Double your conversion rate of telephone enquiries into business
  2. Make potential clients really ‘want’ your firm, even if you are more expensive

Regardless of work type, the techniques covered in this webinar course are the easiest and quickest way to generate more business, without any marketing spend.

Question 1.  What are your current conversion rates of enquiries / “How much…?” / “Can you help…?” calls into business?

Question 2.  How much proper training have your enquiry handlers had handling calls effectively?

Suspend any cynicism … it’s not difficult to make a dramatic difference to your conversion rates. Getting a potential client to say ‘yes’ to you at the rates you want, requires more than good legal ‘know how’. If your teams don’t have the right techniques, personal skills or call handling structure you will lose out on a serious amount of business that you could win.

20 key issues covered:

  1. The strategy of enquiry handling
  2. The five key steps to converting an enquiry into business
  3. Understanding the financial importance of the enquiry
  4. Re-defining the call handler’s role
  5. How to time control the call, so you don’t just become a ‘free advice line’
  6. Overcoming bad habits and replacing them with good ones
  7. The magic questions that most enquiry handlers fail to ask
  8. Should you offer free appointments / consultations or not?
  9. Who should deal with the call?
  10. The importance of tracking results information
  11. The concept of ‘conversational selling’ using questions
  12. How to deal with the ‘How much?’ question
  13. How not to fall into the price trap
  14. How to give your fees and talk money
  15. How to build rapport with the caller
  16. Personalising the call and making it more than an administrative process
  17. Getting the front line basics right
  18. How to end the call and ask for the business, without being pushy
  19. Getting the batting order right
  20. How to make the caller want your firm

About Ian Cooper

Ian Cooper is Britain’s most experienced specialist marketing, business development and skills trainer for the legal sector. He is an international business author with 14 books published, in 13 languages and 55 countries. His latest book is the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development’ and he is also the Editor of the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development Blog’. He has advised and helped over 800 legal firms over 29 years and has helped hundreds of firms to massively increase their conversion rates.

Webinar format

The webinar takes the form of a live audio event accompanied by slides during which you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Following the event you will be able to revisit a recorded version.

Date for the diary

1pm, 3rd October 2013

CPD details

£35.00 to non-LMS members (free for members)

One-hour duration

Learning Mode: webinar

Type: structured

Online assessment: no

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