Improve your customer service in four easy steps

News: Glenn Jackson

September 27, 2013

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Glenn Jackson, Managing Director at Moneypenny, knows a thing or two about great customer service and has stacks of great insights to pass on. Here are his four essentials for any small business wanting to sharpen up their service:

  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes

“Too often businesses look at things from their own view rather from the customer’s view. This can be as simple as transparency or friendliness.”

“When you call a business you want to know that the person who is answering the call is going to take your issues away. If you can give that confidence to your customers, then you can make them very happy!”

  • Customers need to be looked after

“When you come across great customer service, you remember how it feels. From the moment you speak to or meet a client, it’s crucial to look after their needs. You would be amazed at the number of businesses who don’t greet their customers well.”

“A major problem I see is that when companies become established they lose the original reason why they were different. You don’t have to lose this, you just have to work that little bit harder.”

  • Recruit for attitude

“If your employees have the right attitude you can teach them anything. After that, they will follow your lead. At Moneypenny we recruit approximately eight people per month and when they join, they copy the others in the company; clearly the ethos has to be well established. If it isn’t, then they copy bad habits.”

“Continue to remind your employees what ‘good’ looks like. In fact, remind them what ‘great’ is!”

  • Use social media to handle client feedback

“I do think that even if you have a problem customer, if you deal with them effectively and openly, they can become your biggest advocate. Companies are defined by their ability to recover.”

“The key thing now is that if a customer is unhappy, they will turn to Twitter and before you know it, a small problem has escalated. Don’t let it get to this stage.”

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