Liz Kentish on customer service

Liz Kentish

January 07, 2013

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Liz Kentish is an FM Coach, working with FM teams that recognise the ever-evolving role of FM requires greater people and leadership skills.

  • Understand that everyone is different. Even if they have similar job titles and work for the same organisation, their personal experiences, beliefs and values are unique to them, so it’s worth taking time to get to know them as individuals.
  • Just as people are different, so their standards can be different.  You may not always need to deliver 100%, because your 75% may be the same as their 100%.
  • Often, all that’s needed to give great service is the ability to listen, and to ask the right questions.
  • Don’t expect recognition, but when it does arrive, cherish it and give a gracious ‘thank you’.
  • Teach your clients how to be great clients!  When they give you referrals, pay you on time, turn up for meetings on time, reinforce this by saying ‘thank you’.
  • Some people just aren’t comfortable in customer-facing roles.  Help them identify and play to their strengths, get them away from customers, and put the people in front of customers who genuinely love people.
  • Talking of playing to strengths, don’t feel you have to do everything yourself.  Surround yourself with the very best people, give them clear direction, and then get out of their way.
  • It’s good to connect your customers with each other.  Firstly, because if they are using your services they already have something in common, and secondly because they may genuinely be able to help each other.
  • When you are with your client, face to face or on the phone, be there.  That means give them 100% of your attention.
  • Aim to make ‘raving fans’ of your clients!