You missed them? Our round-up of all things #ServiceFirst


January 30, 2015

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It’s January 2014. The Ombudsman Service has just released heart-sinking figures, which show that UK consumers are getting a bad deal when it comes to customer service. As a company that looks after calls for over 7000 UK businesses, telephone answering specialist Moneypenny decided to launch The 10 service rules: must-do principles we believe all companies – including our own – should live by.

Our first service rule was simple and to the point: Put yourselves in your customers’ shoes. We liked Mamas & Papas one-to-one maternity consultation service. It’s no surprise 90% of Mamas & Papas’ customers would recommend the service to a friend.

With spring fully sprung, our second service rule reminded us to: Listen, listen, listen – never guess, never assume. An example that turned our heads was Starbucks and its decision to ditch their fancy new brownies and muffins and retain some of the old favourites. Their regulars cheered. Wise move, Starbucks.

By summer 2014, we were on a mission to: Keep the jargon in the office; communicate in your customers’ language. Some of the worst offenders? The Financial Services Industry. According to a study by National Savings and Investments (NS&I), 60% of people said they would consider switching banks if they could not understand terms and conditions littered with jargon.

As the sun continued to shine, we took our own medicine when it came to our fourth service rule: A happy workplace = happy workers = happy customers. We think the picture says it all!

Ice cream van

Holiday season was now in full swing. With businesses relying on us to look after their calls while they were away, we felt the urge to consider why it’s important to: Look after the little things – they make the biggest difference. An example which caught our eye? LUSH Spas and its tailored treatments. Fluffy slippers aside, the salient point was to make your customer feel valued and compelled to return.

A tonic of post-vacation pragmatism and perspective meant that in September, we determined to: Not get disheartened – accept that you won’t please everyone. Customer service is a never-ending quest to please everyone, all of the time. Accepting the reality that this isn’t always going to be possible helps you focus and build on what you do well.

Before we knew it, the third quarter of 2014 was upon us – an ideal time to reinforce that: As your business grows, keep service at its heart. In a nutshell, our messages were to stay focused on every aspect of your business as it expands, and empower staff to take ownership of good customer service – living it on a daily basis.

Maybe it was because Moneypenny was undergoing a rebrand during the autumn of 2014, but we felt it an appropriate time to: Be proud of your strengths, acknowledge your weaknesses. What worked for our business in its infancy wasn’t having the same effect in today’s crowded market of logos and slogans. Our bird was born and we’ve never looked back.

2014 may have been drawing to a close, but we still had enough energy to: Put a hop, skip and a jump into your service to go the extra mile. Our heroes included: O2 Priority, Next VIP and Five Star Service from American Airlines. All great initiatives that go out of their way to reward customer loyalty.

Last but not least, our 10th service rule: Evolve and adapt – what worked a year ago might not now. Complacency won’t do! Businesses have never been under so much pressure to develop, update and readjust. Those who are willing to do so however are sure to be around to fight another day: re-living our ‘10 service rules’ throughout 2015, we’re sure!