Moneypenny opens unique ‘Tech Garden’ to showcase services

Moneypenny opens our unique tech garden

June 13, 2018

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Our unique ‘Tech Garden’, which showcases the expanding range of innovative and cutting-edge technologically-led services we offer, is now open.

The ‘Tech Garden’ skilfully demonstrates some of the exciting new technology we now have available and is located in our award-winning head office. It has been ingeniously crafted by in-house designers and technicians to show clients the various AI-driven services that businesses of all shapes and sizes, from micro-businesses to multinationals, can benefit from. Depending on the needs of a client when communicating with their own customers, they can choose either advanced technical solutions, people driven solutions, or a seamless combination of the two.

The ‘Tech Garden’s’ mission is to encourage discussion about the possibilities that AI can offer our clients and how it can improve their own customers’ experiences. We use AI on a daily basis within our internal systems to become 190,000 times smarter every day. Each of the annual 15 million client communications we have generate five learnings which are then used to make our services even more efficient.

This summer we will be launching our brand new digital voice recognition switchboard, which will be integrated with IBM Watson and Amazon Polly software for text to speech recognition. This will be constantly advancing with a natural language facility and eventually with sentiment analysis. The technology will understand how people really speak, and will eventually be able to understand how a caller is feeling and how to best serve them.

Joanna Swash, Moneypenny's Managing Director, comments: “We’re delighted with our ‘Tech Garden’ and how it brings to life and demystifies how we use AI every day to improve our services. Over 90% of the businesses that work with us would never have access to this communication technology on their own, but they’re accessing it every day, via our services. We are rigorously testing all our new technology to ensure we maintain an exceptional customer experience.

"Currently our Live Chat is powered by people, but we are testing chat bots with Microsoft to help improve the efficiency of our service so that AI can recognise simple questions and our people can then focus on more complex queries. We have found that 1 in 3 chats result in new business leads and enquiries, so it’s a huge area of growth for us and our clients.