#Moneypenny15: 2 of 15


September 28, 2014

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Following a cryptic love letter sent to the home address of each Moneypenny employee, a mysterious blackboard appeared in the company’s reception one morning. Gossip ensued as hundreds of Moneypennies tried to decipher what was going on and who was behind it all. Next, 15 employee names emerged in chalk on the board, coinciding with ‘clue number one’ on the playroom’s television, denoting event ‘1 of 15’. It simply read: ‘If I could fly.’

So, what’s this all about? Moneypenny is hosting a series of 15 surprise events for staff. Each event is different from the last to keep excitement levels high and anticipation rife. From September through to February, the events (named 1/15, 2/15 etc.) are to reward staff, boost morale and of course, celebrate a certain occasion in the company – Moneypenny’s 15th birthday.

The second event was not as adrenaline-fuelled as the first, but a more civilised affair. 15 excited staff were whisked away during their working day to the one and only 5-star Chester Grosvenor for an afternoon of sheer indulgence.

photo 2

A luxurious afternoon tea awaited them in the glamorous Arkle Bar, complete with all the traditional trimmings, from finger sandwiches to scones – all presented with top class service. The staff, whose names were chosen at random, all had lots of nice things to say about their surprise:

“Had a fabulous time, great company. Very full, yum yum!”

“It was amazing absolutely MEGA!”

“It was absolutely lovely and such a relaxing afternoon! Loved every minute.”