#Moneypenny15: 3 of 15


October 03, 2014

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So, what’s this all about? Moneypenny is hosting a series of 15 surprise events for staff. Each event is different from the last to keep excitement levels high and anticipation rife. From September through to February, the events (named 1/15, 2/15 etc.) are to reward staff, boost morale and of course, celebrate a certain occasion in the company – Moneypenny’s 15th birthday.

‘3 of 15’ started with a clue on the playroom’s television screen: an image of a wave and the text ‘Victoria is famous for this’.

15 members of staff anticipated their surprise, getting more and more nervous/excited as colleagues shared their ideas of what they thought the clue meant.


This surprise saw Moneypenny staff head off to The National White Water Centre on the River Tryweryn in the heart of Snowdonia. They had a day of white water rafting as a group; two hours crashing down the Upper Tryweryn’s Welsh mountain white water rapids.

Some were terrified, some were really excited – but all loved the experience so much, and had lots of great things to say about it:

“It was soooo good! I am definitely going to sleep well tonight!”

“It was amazing! I’m so grateful for the opportunity, I want to do it all over again!!”

“It was AMAZING! Found a new hobby.”