#Moneypenny15: 5 of 15


October 15, 2014

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But what’s this all about? Moneypenny is hosting a series of 15 surprise events for staff. Each event is different from the last to keep excitement levels high. From September through to February, the events (named 1/15, 2/15 etc.) are to reward staff, boost morale and of course, celebrate a certain occasion in the company – Moneypenny’s 15th birthday.

Now up to ‘5 of 15’, what did this surprise have in store for Moneypenny staff? The mysterious clue this time was an image of an intimidating-looking bouncer, arms folded, saying “Do not jump the queue.” What could this mean? Well, many Pennies thought that a trip to Alton Towers was in store, while others thought a night out was on the cards.


But when the 15 randomly selected names were advised to wear scruffy clothes, trainers and their tied up, they weren’t so sure what was planned for them after all – until they were en route, that is. All surprise events have been kept secret until the very last minute, with PAs and support staff being told on the way to the mystery venue with a secret letter.

5 of 15 saw staff go to Bounce Below at the Llechwedd Slate Caverns – the world’s first subterranean playground of its kind. Bounce Below is set within a historic disused slate cavern, installed with massive bouncy nets to jump around in. These huge trampoline-like nets are hung within two vast chambers at varying levels, linked together by walkways and slides, the biggest of which is a 60 foot slide. The cavern is lit with a technicoloured light display illuminating the cavern with vibrant colours.

The fact that it was a bouncer in the image, and the fact that he didn’t want you to jump the queue were the main clues for today’s surprise, but how many actually guessed correctly?

Those lucky to be chosen for this event had lots of great things to say about it:

“Having been to the slate mines when I was at school I really couldn’t begin to imagine what to expect. What a place! Such a fantastic idea for people of all ages, I was literally ‘bounced’ back to my childhood, can’t wait to go again!”

“Where do I start, how excited was I to hear I was picked to do Bounce Below, an awesome adventure underground, so much fun and a full body workout to match, what else can you ask for! Recommend it to everyone and I cannot thank Moneypenny enough for the opportunity in going, it was amazing.”

“It was absolutely awesome – took a few minutes to find my feet but once I did, it was just brilliant – I particularly loved the slides – although it was hard work getting back up again afterwards!”