#Moneypenny15: 6 of 15


November 12, 2014

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So, what’s this all about? Moneypenny is hosting a series of 15 surprise events for staff. Each event is different from the last to keep excitement levels high and anticipation rife. From September through to February, the events (named 1/15, 2/15 etc.) are to reward staff, boost morale and of course, celebrate a certain occasion in the company – Moneypenny’s 15th birthday.

6 of 15 came and went for 15 excited PAs: the clue on the television screen in the playroom was trickier this time – a mouse saying ‘rather me than you’.

This event was actually quite in-tune with Moneypenny, or rather, its brand. Any guesses?

‘Tully Bird’, our bird logo, might not have made an appearance on this day, but there were certainly lots of other feathered friends to greet our staff… Cheshire Falconry Centre was the location of the 6th surprise, where staff could be amazed and get hands-on with magnificent birds of prey. 15 staff put on the gauntlet and interacted with incredible birds from hawks to owls and eagles, with the expert falconry team there. After an initial handling session (and getting over the surprise of what their day entailed!) the group progressed to flying up to six different species of birds of prey from the impressive collection of hawks, owls, falcons, eagles, buzzards and vultures.

For some, getting over the raw meat on their glove was enough excitement to cope with, let alone seeing the impressive wing spans of these awesome specimens as they flew towards them.



The group was certainly surprised with this event, and all thoroughly enjoyed their surprise, with the following things to say:

“I loved it (didn’t think I would!). What a great day out. Thank you all so much.”

“It was super, smashing, great. Had a top time. Thank you Moneypenny.”

“It was a brilliant day out, loved every minute of it. Thank you!”

“It was AWESOMENESS!!!!!!”