New Zealand High Commissioner argues for more Time Zone Business

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September 02, 2013

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Britain’s High Commissioner to New Zealand, Mrs Vicki Treadell, says British firms should start thinking about the advantages of working in the New Zealand time zone.

After visiting Moneypenny’s second office in Takapuna, which operates with British and local staff who look after the company’s UK night-time calls, she says there are very strong commercial advantages in operating in another time zone and even in another season: “I was impressed that Moneypenny put an emphasis on the quality of their service. They are not doing this for cost-cutting reasons: this is about providing the most efficient service to their clients. I genuinely believe other British companies can capitalise on this. Location is an irrelevance as the client in London or Glasgow doesn’t know where the person is that they are speaking to”.

“I think as a business model there are applications for financial services, back-office processing operations and as Moneypenny has done, a dedicated PA service. From the other side of the globe Moneypenny  looks after UK calls seamlessly exactly to a company’s brief  and as far as the caller is concerned there is no difference: from recognising regular callers, putting calls through, to taking messages and forwarding them immediately by email, fax or text message.

From Moneypenny’s point of view, setting up an office in New Zealand was a relatively straight-forward decision in the end – wide awake experienced staff in a fabulous daytime location providing a first rate service to an ever-growing number of UK clients needing their phone calls answered in the middle of the night.

Rachel Clacher, Moneypenny’s co-founder, explains: “We were fortunate enough to have someone on hand in Auckland: they were brilliant at sorting things out and acting as our contact. Without doubt, taking the decision to set up in New Zealand has made a huge difference to our business. Our employees are happy, our clients are happy: who knows where this will take us.”

The High Commissioner says Research and Development firms could see research taken forward in New Zealand and then handed over to the daytime shifts in the United Kingdom. “Certainly in industries which are run on the internet and there is no physical product, people can just fire up their computers and pick up their work.”

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