Optimise your LinkedIn company page


March 04, 2013

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“Creating a LinkedIn company page is a great way to become more visible online as it’s another channel for you to advertise your products and/or services”, explains Sally Rowland, Head of Digital Marketing here at Moneypenny. “You can set up a LinkedIn page in a few simple steps as all you need is a company name and company email address.  Once you’ve set your page up it’s important that you spend some time optimising it so you can attract more followers and promote your company.”

Tips to keep in mind when working on your LinkedIn page:

  • Make sure your company profile is 100% complete – make the most your LinkedIn page by uploading key images and filling out all sections, including the company description, as well as listing all the services and/or products that you offer.  It’s important that the information and images you upload are consistent with your business website so you can create a strong online brand.
  • Use videos to highlight your services or products – videos are becoming more and more popular online and they’re a great way to highlight key products/ services or to even showcase some of your client testimonials.
  • Encourage LinkedIn recommendations – to make sure that you really stand out from your competitors on LinkedIn, you will need to build up your recommendations.  You can request recommendations for your individual products/services by sending out a generic email via LinkedIn to the people you choose.   However, people are more likely to write a recommendation for you if you personalise the email and spend time speaking to them directly.
  • Create audience segments – it’s important to customise how you present your products and services to distinct audience segments. For example if you have products and services that are specific to a particular audience you can promote these to the top of that page.  This means you can show a different company page to different audiences based on demographics such as job function, industry and location.
  • Post updates to your followers – Use updates to keep your followers informed by sharing company news, information about new products or services and career opportunities available at your company.   Just like Facebook, your followers can interact with your updates by commenting, liking and sharing.

The more up-to-date and complete your company profile is on LinkedIn, the more likely you are to gain followers to your page – giving you a great audience to connect with online and ultimately, turn into customers.

This article has been written by Sally Rowland, who oversees Digital Marketing here at Moneypenny.