Property website specialist The Property Jungle shares its experience of Moneypenny

Property website specialist The Property Jungle shares its experience of Moneypenny

May 13, 2014

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Property website specialist The Property Jungle has been using Moneypenny to answer its telephone calls since it was a business of three people in 2006. Well known among estate and lettings agents having built over 1,000 websites for the sector since starting up in 2002, The Property Jungle now has 20 employees working from different locations across the UK, from Cornwall to Aberdeen, London to Londonderry – even from a garden shed!

With most staff working from home and spending much of their time each day on the telephone, Moneypenny is the hub pulling all the strands together, explains Managing Director and company founder Mike Smithson:

“I can pinpoint the day I started using Moneypenny. It was the day everything changed for us as a business. We were still relatively small then but I knew we needed help with telephone answering. I work from a purpose-built office at the bottom of my garden and back then, as now, I was spending most of my time each day either designing websites or providing technical support to existing clients. I was conscious that inevitably there were calls being missed or callers getting an annoying engaged tone and there was no way of transferring calls between us. In addition, sales calls would come in but it wouldn’t always be a convenient time to take them so not only was my creative work being disturbed but I probably wasn’t giving the best response either.

“I went to a Home Sale Network event and met Moneypenny there. It was the answer I had been looking for. I took advantage of a trial and haven’t looked back. As the company has grown over the years, so Moneypenny has taken more and more calls for us to the point that all calls to our main company telephone number now go straight to Moneypenny.

“We hit it off with our Moneypenny Receptionist Amanda straight away. She has been with us from the start and is a vital part of our team, and after all these years, a good friend too. She is a consummate professional who understands our philosophy and ethos totally, always giving a great first impression. Within days of her starting with us I was receiving compliments from clients about our ‘lovely new lady on reception’ and our sales conversion ratio shot up immediately. Amanda was able to take details from callers, giving me time and space to manage my day and prepare far better for new business enquiries.

“We care greatly about the impression we make across all our customer key touch points and pride ourselves on our relaxed, personal way of working with clients. Moneypenny represents our brand and ethos perfectly.

“With our team spread out across the UK we need Moneypenny in the centre fielding our calls. We couldn’t operate successfully without the service. Even for out of hours, Moneypenny set up a voicemail and as soon as a message is left, whatever time of day or night, I receive a WAV (audio file) by email so I can immediately listen to it, giving me the opportunity to respond if I need to.

“It’s satisfying to know we have all bases covered and that if Amanda is busy on a call, she has a small team right behind her who also know and understand our business and philosophy. We couldn’t employ someone for the cost of Moneypenny and even if we did, one person = one phone so we still couldn’t guarantee the same quality of service we receive from Moneypenny.

“Moneypenny made such a difference to my business that my wife uses them for her business too. She runs a children’s entertainment and creative art company called Smiley Cats. That’s the beauty of the service; it’s flexible to suit the needs of every business, whatever the size or sector.”