Vet practices miss the most calls at the beginning of the week

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October 24, 2016

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VETERINARY practices are missing the most calls at the beginning of the week according to telephone answering specialist, Moneypenny.

In its most recent analysis of data, Moneypenny discovered its veterinary receptionists answered the highest volume of telephone calls on Monday between 9am-10am. This was followed by Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning respectively.

In particular, the ‘top five’ peak times of the week for the industry were 9am-10am and 10am-11am on Monday, 9am-10am and 10-11am on Tuesday, and 11am-12 noon on Monday – suggesting that practices are the most under-resourced at these times.

Stephanie Vaughan Jones, Channel Manager at Moneypenny who works closely with the veterinary sector, said: “We’ve studied thousands of calls over the course of the past year to see when our veterinary receptionists were answering the most calls on behalf of practices. From this we saw a number of trends emerge, with the results identifying the days when the highest volume of ‘overflow’ calls were being answered.”

Other key findings from the research highlighted that August has been the busiest month of the past year for veterinary practices, with September and July accounting for the next highest volume of calls.

The veterinary sector is one of the fastest growing at Moneypenny with a team of dedicated and knowledgeable receptionists on hand to answer the calls you can’t reach or provide fully out-sourced support to practices of all sizes.

Stephanie continued: “These unanswered calls could be clients phoning for any number of reasons – be it an anxious owner booking an appointment for their pet, an emergency enquiry or a prospective client looking to join your surgery. Whatever the reason, vet practices are risking both their reputation and the satisfaction of clients, as well as a potential loss in revenue. Understanding a client’s needs and behaviour is a crucial part of being able to ensure you are offering the highest level of service.”

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