Smart firms recognise the huge advantages of outsourcing

Smart firms recognise the huge advantages of outsourcing

April 08, 2014

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“Times are changing in the world of the law firm. Operating in an increasingly demanding marketplace, more and more law firms are looking to outsourced solutions across a broad range of business functions to remain competitive, challenge costs and improve their customer service. Outsourcing in the legal sector is not a new concept, however it had, until relatively recently, been seen very much as the preserve of the larger firms and had more often focussed on legal processes than wider business support activities.  With an ever increasing number of small and medium firms now looking to outsourced solutions however, the landscape is certainly changing to the extent that these days pretty much anything can be outsourced by firms of any size.

Certainly middle and back office operations are far more frequently now being outsourced as part of a wider business process plan and with firms under pressure to reduce overheads while increasing productivity and improving customer experience, outsourcing really can be the answer, introducing highly specialised business professionals into firms as and when they need them.

Efficient and effective telephone call handling is vital for the overall success of any law firm. At Moneypenny we work with more than 900 firms helping them to provide their clients with the best possible experience by making sure they never miss a call. Our dedicated Legal Receptionists provide a seamless service; supporting firms of all sizes, either on an overflow or fully outsourced basis.

With the traditional law firm business model fast becoming a thing of the past, outsourcing is increasingly key to survival and success in the new legal landscape.  Smart firms recognise the huge advantages it offers – reducing their cost base while providing business continuity and a quality service, enabling their business to grow.”

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