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May 01, 2013

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LinkedIn and Facebook have both recently made changes to how their sites appear on mobiles, as in both cases they both found differences in how mobile users search for information when compared to desktop users.

LinkedIn App

LinkedIn found that mobile users are more interested in viewing relevant industry content than searching for job opportunities; with nearly a third of users accessing LinkedIn via mobile, it was essential that they made changes.

The new features fit the new tag line “For Professionals Going Places” and include:

  • A new design – the LinkedIn app has been given a makeover making it look sleeker as well as easier to use.  They’ve also given profiles bigger photos that can be expanded for when you’re meeting people you don’t know for the first time.
  • Revamped update stream – this now has a similar vibe to the Facebook newsfeed with photos given more prominence.  The updates have been made shorter and there is more focusaround who is sharing content.  They’ve also made it easier for you to get involved in conversations without leaving the updates stream.
  • Personalised navigation – it’s now easier for you to access your favourite LinkedIn features with a navigation page that you can customise yourself.  This means that the features you use the most are now 1 click away rather than 4.

With a new app comes new advertising opportunities; though still in test, mobile ads will now appear within the update stream which are related to the user’s interests.  We’ll have to wait to see how successful these are.

Facebook App

Facebook pages will be converted to the new format automatically so you won’t need to do anything at all. The main purpose of the update is to make it easier for mobile users to interact with Business Pages, the new features include:

  • More streamlined – relevant information now appears at the top including location, contact details and call to action buttons such as Like, call, message and share.  This makes it easier for users to interact with your business page.
  • Improved admin access – it’s now easier for page owners to manage content and they now have the ability to switch between public and admin views from their mobile pages/devices.

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