The benefits of customer reviews for agents

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January 07, 2014

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Businesses across all industries know that great reviews attract custom, in the same way that negative reviews drive custom away.

HelpHound looked to the past for inspiration, back to the ‘good old days’ before the web, when all interaction between a business and its customers was one-on-one: either face-to-face, over the telephone or by letter.

Their findings have showed that businesses require a solution based on a direct dialogue between the consumer and the business, and crucially includes one essential ingredient: credibility – to be 100% believable in the eyes of the consumer.

Dialogue™ is the review platform developed by HelpHound

Dialogue, for example, enables businesses to invite reviews from customers and then publish them on their website for everyone to see. If the review is negative, it is sent to the business first for them to resolve whatever issue the customer has raised, in private.

Consumers love it: they can thank you for a great service or they can get issues resolved. Businesses love it because it enables them to make sure that the image they present to potential customers is untarnished and,at the same time, credible.

The benefits for agents

Did you know? Reviews increase conversions by 20%

Estate agents who are using review sites report that their clients welcome it, and most important of all: levels of enquiries and conversions increase. It gives them an edge against competitors and differentiates a website in a crowded marketplace.

HelpHound offers free help and advice on all aspects of business/consumer interaction  via their dedicated blog for estate agents

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