Agents urged to prepare for rise of up to 30% in calls

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December 02, 2015

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ESTATE and letting agents across the UK are being urged to prepare for the Christmas break as Moneypenny’s latest report reveals how calls to the sector have previously experienced a dramatic rise over this period.

Moneypenny, the UK’s leading telephone answering specialist, looked at call volume figures for the past two years, analysing trends immediately before and after Christmas. With Christmas Day on a Thursday last year and a Wednesday in 2013, the company found that on both occasions, the first Monday immediately afterwards (the 29 and 30 December respectively), saw a major spike in calls when compared to the average Monday over the previous four weeks.

Calls on Monday, December 29 2014 rose comparatively by 30%, while those on Monday, December 30 2013 were up by 23%. Figures for both years revealed that the number of calls to agents remained steady right up until the 23 December, with a slowing down on Christmas Eve.  Similarly, New Year’s Eve saw a rise in calls of 14% last year when compared to the previous four equivalent weekdays. Predictably, calls also increase immediately after the New Year Bank Holiday, before settling into a more regular pattern.

Samantha Jones, Moneypenny’s Commercial Manager Corporate and Property explains: “The Christmas and New Year period usually results in a mixed picture when it comes to incoming calls to agents, with call volumes spiking at different times then quietening down at others. There are so many variables at work; including the days of the week the holidays fall on, which can affect how many calls agents receive and their ability to manage them, especially when staff are taking time off.

“We tend to be particularly busy providing agents with overflow telephone answering support on the back of the portals advertising heavily at that time of year. With such targeted marketing activity supporting the industry, it’s vital agents never drop a lead.

“The weather can play a big part too and over the last couple of Christmases it has been reasonably mild, so people have perhaps felt more inclined to book viewings while they’re off work. Also on the plus side, a milder winter means that agents aren’t having to contend with the business continuity issues that can arise due to adverse conditions.”

She continued: “In January this year we found that the number of family law calls to our legal receptionists were above average, suggesting marital issues and separations, which are often reported over Christmas. Activity such as this can also have a knock on effect in terms of those looking for alternative accommodation, particularly rented.

“All in all our message to agents is to be prepared for every eventuality by having the necessary resources in place over the holidays to make sure they capture every call and maximise business opportunities while delivering the very best in customer service every time.”

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