The majority of British workers struggle to switch off after work

News: Switching off clock

September 17, 2013

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We probably didn’t need new research to confirm what we already know: most of us think nothing of work beyond our standard working hours, whether this is an extra 20 minutes here or there, to hours every evening – even chunks of a weekend.

The stats, compiled by social software company Jive Software, provide an even greater insight into the British attitude to work and how we’re rarely prepared to clock off when the clock strikes 5pm.

  1. 18% say extra working hours amounted to +10 hours per week
  1. 34% work while on holiday
  1. 36% use their personal smartphones and tablets for work purposes

Research shows a need for increased working efficiency and time management

Jive’s Nathan Rawlins explains: “Employees are spending far too much time on unproductive work: sitting through unnecessary meetings, wading through endless emails, and constantly searching for long-lost documents – leading to more people doing their actual jobs out of hours.”