The modern way to sell properties

The modern way to sell properties

March 10, 2014

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As consumers’ reliance on the internet and their demand for online interaction increase, the pressure for companies across all sectors to provide a digital experience to market their products and services is demanded more and more.

Consumers are seeking a better experience – a smooth and enjoyable one – which often comes as a result of technology. Indeed, the internet drives the world, and as such, many companies can be fearful of falling behind the curve of modern trends and technologies, which ultimately appeal to the consumer.

The property sector does seem to enjoy using technology to make their customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable. For example, estate agents’ online listings to replace picking up brochures or scanning window displays; as well as apps to allow prospective buyers to keep up their search for the perfect property on the go. So what is the next trend to make searching for your dream home an easy and enjoyable activity?

Some estate agents have been utilising the innovative technology of Google Glass to support in marketing properties, adding a new dimension to property websites. Intended to provide viewers with a detailed tour of each room and all their features, this wearable technology equipment (that looks like a pair of glasses) aims to enhance a viewer’s experience, opening up more possibilities for them. For example, the visual content is accessible live to people around the world.

Video content made using Google Glass intends to provide the viewer with a real point of view and a sense of reality, to help them realise the potential of a property – perhaps even replacing a first or second viewing. Unlike using a standard camera to take photos and videos, Google Glass gives the viewer the feel of a real viewing as if they were actually being given a tour around a property, with the Google Glass wearer being able to respond to the viewer’s questions or directions.

The idea, particularly the look and feel of Google Glass headwear, may seem obscure to some, but surely the idea of most technology did in its infancy. This advance in technology surely begs the question, what will be the next wearable technology?