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February 05, 2013

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Mike Smithson, Managing Director of The Property Jungle, explains his relationship with Moneypenny and why he recommends them so highly.

Over the last 10 years The Property Jungle has grown from a two men with a bright idea to a team of 17 people providing websites to the property industry; we are now clear market leaders.

During this time we, like all businesses, have been under tremendous pressure to keep our costs down and still deliver superior service.

I took the decision in 2002 to build a business on a distributed basis. We have no head office and everybody works from home. I took this decision as it allows me to employee from the whole of the UK labour pool, ensuring I get the best people for the jobs.

Clearly, we have an advantage because the internet allows us to communicate very effectively with our clients and we can often operate faster than a traditional business does because we don’t have to ‘book a room’ to have a meeting. Skype is ideal.

However, as we have grown there has been one challenge to overcome, which Moneypenny have provided the most amazing solution for.

Within a fairly short space of time we started to struggle with our telephones. If any of us were on the phone, an inbound caller received an engaged tone. We had to issue different numbers for every person. It was not possible to keep taking on staff and expanding phone systems or to transfer calls from one part of the country to another. If any of us needed to be away from our desk a call could be missed and out of office hours calls were only ever handled the following morning.

As soon as we started using Moneypenny, our world changed. The outside view of us suddenly appeared through one beautiful window. No matter what time a call was placed to us, it was always answered professionally by someone who very often knew who the caller was and most importantly, Moneypenny knew enough about what we do to route the call to the best person.

Within a month I was able to measure an upturn in our sales volumes as a consequence of being able to give inbound callers a first-class experience.

Our out of office hours service has increased significantly as I am able to receive a voicemail of any message at any time of day and can choose how best to respond to an urgent issue. These are delivered by email and collected on my mobile phone whenever or wherever I am.

The girls at Moneypenny who look after our calls are an incredibly important part of our team and provide that vital professional first impression. If we didn’t use them it would be impossible for me to employ a single person who can handle the volume of calls they do for the amount the service costs us.

In everything we do we continually strive to do it better, cheaper and faster, and without a shadow of a doubt, Moneypenny enables us to handle that vital first touch point with a customer in this way. Calls are answered by professionals not programmers, for less than it would cost to hire a single person and because a single person can only be on one call at a time, 100% of our calls are answered faster.

We are an unusual company with an unusual structure but it is a model that I know many companies aspire to. As virtual working becomes more commonplace, the services provided by Moneypenny can only increase in value. There is logically no reason why The Property Jungle can’t continue to grow exponentially with Moneypenny’s scalable service supporting us.

I look forward to our successful relationship continuing for many more years.