Thinking of co-working? Try these inspirational spaces for entrepreneurs


June 09, 2016

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For those of us who work remotely, there’s an amazing array of co-working spaces from which to choose. Especially if you’re after something a little bit different.

Be it somewhere quirky and creative or sophisticated and practical, there’s somewhere to suit every type of personality.

Really good co-working spaces are so much more than just ‘places to work’ though. They provide an environment that creates a community spirit between members and encourages a collaborative atmosphere. Which is why so many people see them as an investment – why rent a solitary office when you can join a co-working space?

And while it’s challenging to benchmark co-working spaces against one-another as each have their own niche, here are five I would recommend checking out across the UK:


Entrepreneurial Spark – Nationwide

Founded to support businesses in Scotland, Entrepreneurial Spark has grown to become the world’s largest free accelerator for start up and scale-up businesses. Their ‘Hatcheries’ are located across the UK, their team is focussed on helping entrepreneurs to develop as individuals through coaching and support.

Cost: Free!

Anything else worth knowing? Everything they provide is free to the entrepreneur including office space, broadband, phones, meeting rooms, access to a pool of specialized mentors and free workshops and more.

Entrepreneurial Spark

Impact Hub
– Birmingham and London

Run a business that has a social impact? If so, this is the place for you. Impact Hubs provide specialist support and resources that aid sustainable businesses. With a new space in Birmingham and three spaces in London, they have a community of entrepreneurs with a like-minded vision to create a positive change to people and the planet.

Cost: From £15 for a day pass to £200 pcm.

Anything else worth knowing? A regular ‘Open Project Night’ gives members a platform to share their projects, gather feedback on their ideas and trade skills with collaborators within the community.

Impact Hub

Central Working
– Manchester, Cambridge and London

Central Working has sites in Manchester and Cambridge, as well as five additional sites across top London locations. Their friendly and vibrant clubs aim to create the surroundings for success by providing essential networking opportunities for members.

Cost: From £99 for Club membership to £499 for Resident membership.

Anything else worth knowing? You are not tied in to any lease with Central Working, allowing you and your business to have complete flexibility and control.

Central Working

Desk Lodge
– Bristol

Founded by the team behind NearDesk, they’ve opened up their own space in Bristol to cater for a thriving enterprising community with a quirky and fun workspace. Within a short time of opening, they have nearly reached capacity by providing valuable opportunities for members to collaborate and grow.

Cost: From £6 for six hours a month to for £150 pcm for unlimited use in office hours.

Anything else worth knowing? Wifi, coffee and tea are on tap – plus plenty of quirky breakout areas including an indoor garden, individual phone booths and hideaway workspaces.

Desk Lodge

Eagle Labs – Nationwide

With sites currently in Brighton, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Cambridge, Eagle Labs is an initiative set up by Barclays to offer co-working spaces for all kinds of needs from meeting rooms to workshops, and offers use of equipment including 3D printing, laser cutters and AV equipment – everything a start-up could need!

Cost: From £6.25 for 30 minute use of facilities.

Anything else worth knowing? You also have 24/7 access and a range of support services including mentoring and funding opportunities.

All prices exclude VAT

Eagle Labs

By Lorna Bladen.

Lorna is our head of partnerships at Moneypenny, and passionate about all things small business. An avid networker and woman-about-town, she’s keen to share knowledge and help enterprises level-up.