Top tip for increasing your clicks on online portals

Key Agent

January 02, 2013

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Top Tips

As you will know, people’s first point of call for property searches is now overwhelmingly online. More than ever, it’s increasingly important to showcase your properties in the best way in order to make them stand out from the others.

There are many ways to promote a property when it’s in a list of similar properties on the advertising portal. And they don’t have to be expensive – keeping costs and marketing budgets low is also possible.

A simple but effective solution: improve the quality of the main thumbnail shot

Independent research on Rightmove Plus shows that having a professionally enhanced main thumbnail shot can increase the click-through rate to that particular property by up to 125%.

Blue skies and enhanced greens for the grass as well as image cropping, improvement of contrast and colour saturation all help to draw attention to the thumbnail.

Ultimately, it means that for every click the property would have had, the research suggests that it will now get 2. Needless to say, more clicks = more interest = more revenue generated overall.

Photo enhancement really is the most cost and time effective way of getting more clicks to your properties on the advertising portals.

Tom Claridge is the Sales Director of KeyAGENT, a multiple award-winning provider of property marketing solutions to Estate Agents.