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June 04, 2013

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Who isn’t busy these days. But here at Moneypenny, we believe in having just a bit of light-hearted time out every now and again.

We challenge you to take our two-minute trivia quiz – there’s a case of wine on offer for the winning entrant – simply email your answers to

Good luck!

Tell us what happened last month:

  1. Which disgraced Politician was let out of prison early after serving only two of this eight-month sentence?
  2. Based on the fact that the 4th of May is special to Star Wars fans, what is the day officially known as?
  3. Which A-list American actor fell asleep during an interview with his co-star Michael Caine?
  4. The epicentre of the UK’s latest earthquake was the town of Abersoch in Wales; what size did it register on the Richter scale?
  5. Which iconic ‘flowery’ London event has celebrated its 100th birthday?
  6. Russian daredevil Valery Rozov successfully carried out the world’s highest base jump by throwing himself off which mountain?
  7. Which UK company has found an innovative way to answer calls 24/7 by sending its staff to New Zealand?
  8. Last month we discovered which couple has won ‘UK Rear of the Year 2013’ – who are they?
  9. Which F1 driver won this year’s Monaco Grand Prix, 30 years after his father, Keke, in 1983?
  10. Which car manufacturer has recalled 841,000 cars worldwide due to faulty steering wheels?

Think you’ve got them all right? Tell us!