Video – it’s bigger than Facebook


July 25, 2014

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At mmadigital, we’re massive advocates of video and how important it can be to reach new clients, helping them understand the legal services you offer, and build a relationship with them ahead of your competitors.

Recent figures also show exactly how far video can go in engaging with your target clients. Technology giants Cisco predict that by 2017 69% of all global consumer internet traffic will be video, and findings by digital specialists ReelSEO found that 73% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

What’s more, video is even beating giants like Facebook when it comes to helping businesses reach new clients with a recent study published by social media expert, Brendan Gahan showing that brands on YouTube are 20x more engaging than those on Facebook.

While many law firms will find Facebook is not the social platform for them, and so find they reach more via other platforms anyway, it highlights the power video has over what is the largest social media platform available.

Facebook may well be the winner when it comes to the largest number of users but these findings by Brendan show it’s your content that really drives lead generation.

Having videos highlights easily to clients, many who only have a basic understanding of law, exactly what you can do for them in a much easier way than basic text on a webpage can.

Video adds colour, personality and compassion to your brand and it’s no doubt down to this that makes video so popular with the viewer. With YouTube’s easy interface, enabling firms to upload short video clips to the site, and embed these directly onto their own webpages, it’s very simple to see how they can reach a wider audience quickly.

Figures in the past have shown that YouTube’s search facility is only second to Google, with more than 1 billion unique user visits to YouTube each month.

It’s easy to see that having content on YouTube is no longer just for rock stars and comedians. It’s vital for business too, and can make a massive positive impact on your lead generation.

Dez Derry is CEO of mmadigital