Withy King shares its experience of outsourcing calls

Withy King Offices

March 13, 2014

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In early 2013 Law firm Withy King took the decision to switch to telephone answering specialists Moneypenny. David Eagle, Head of IT explains why.

How did you find out about Moneypenny?

We are part of Law South (a grouping of 12 high profile firms of solicitors based in London and the south of England) and, while we had looked at others, Moneypenny was recommended by one of the other members who had been using the service for a while. Fate seemed to step in at this point as Kevin Bishop, Business Development Manager at Moneypenny, whom I had known previously, made contact at about the same time and suggested a trial.

What gave you confidence in outsourcing?

We had made the decision to outsource some of our call handling last year to ease the pressure on internal resources and had been using another supplier for around nine months before switching to Moneypenny. We had been concerned at the quality of the messages taken by our original provider as well as the overall service levels, and started to investigate alternatives. We diverted all our 0800 new business enquiries to Moneypenny during the day and all main switchboard calls out of hours (from 5.30pm to 8am). We saw a difference straight away both in the clear and precise message taking and the overall professionalism of the service and the likelihood is we will opt into other Moneypenny services as we move forward.

What has been your overall experience?

Prior to outsourcing we found we had been missing around 30% of our calls so inevitably opportunities were being missed and customer service was affected as a result. We needed total confidence in the people taking our calls, being absolutely sure they were portraying the right image for our business. Our Moneypenny PA Cerys and her small team do just that and very early on in the trial we were already receiving positive feedback from those people who had been critical in the past. We now know we are never missing a call or business opportunity and with spot-on messaging, we are able to call new business enquirers straight back which is proving to be far more effective than previously. Emails sent directly to fee earners out of hours also means they have the option to respond straight away rather than have messages waiting for them at reception the following morning.

How would you describe Moneypenny to others?

Their flexible service fits in with the way we do business. Moneypenny also takes a pro-active approach, for example when they hadn’t received one of our calls for a little while they checked up and actually alerted us to a network issue at our end before we even realised there was a problem.

Prior to using Moneypenny, I spent a good deal of time worrying about this aspect of our day to day activities. I now feel confident and don’t need to micro-manage their service at all. We do have an occasional look at Moneypenny online which is great for management data but much of the time we actually forget we are outsourcing as it’s so seamless an arrangement between us. It just works – simple as that!

Moneypenny would like to thank Withy King for taking the time to share their experience of using our service. Keen to know how we can help your firm capture every opportunity and maintain high service levels? Get in touch today.