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6 benefits of a telephone answering service for law firms

2 million calls answered on behalf of law firms, every year.

At Moneypenny, we provide our telephone answering service to businesses of all shapes and sizes, in a range of different professional service sectors. 

As we’ve grown, some key sectors have emerged where we have developed specialist experience and expertise.

The legal sector is one such area and we are proud to say we offer support to many of the UK’s leading law firms. In fact, 2 million legal calls are answered by the Moneypenny team every year.

There are numerous benefits of a legal answering service, here are just some of the reasons so many law firms use us to pick up the phone on their behalf.

Never miss calls

Whether it is a new enquiry or an existing client, every call is important. Ensuring calls are answered and opportunities are never missed is an important benefit for law firms whatever their size.

With a phone answering service, every call can be answered, recorded and detailed messages taken so that the appropriate person can respond at a convenient time, armed with the correct information.

Avoid interruptions

We understand just how busy law practices are. Phone calls can be a significant distraction, and whilst every call is important, there are clear benefits to being in a position to decide when to respond to a phone call.

Using the Moneypenny app, it’s possible to choose when calls are diverted and messages are taken, or which calls should be redirected to you or your colleagues.

Consistency and professionalism

You decide how you would like your calls to be answered and when.  All calls will be answered with your firm’s name by a polite, friendly, professional voice. Callers will be unaware that they are dealing with an outsourced service and we will select individuals who are the right fit to represent your business.

Business continuity

Whether it’s a busy day in court, meetings, an office move or a holiday, it is crucial that your business continues to operate. An answering service can be the perfect solution to this. What’s more, it can offer peace of mind for the unexpected, such as problems with your connectivity or being called away at short notice.

In a busy law firm, it’s essential that the right calls and the correct messages are routed to the right individuals. With our App, this can be managed and updated in real-time as situations change.

Around the clock service

Depending on the nature of your legal firm you may require calls fielding outside typical working hours. Qualifying calls out of hours before redirecting them to an on-call lawyer can save valuable time and prevent frustration. Our specialist Moneypenny PAs can follow your advice and guidance on which calls should be redirected out of hours and when to take messages for someone to respond to at a more convenient time.

Reduced costs

Using a professional answering service can represent a significant cost saving compared to hiring a receptionist for smaller firms.

For larger organisations with a receptionist, or legal secretaries already employed to answer calls as part of their role, an outsourced service can ensure holidays and periods of sickness are covered without any disruption or inconvenience. This can all be done with the peace of mind that the voice at the end of the phone understands your business, how you work and what you do.

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