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Business awards and why you should enter them

Small and medium sized businesses often overlook awards as a part of their marketing activity, but entering awards can be hugely beneficial for many businesses.

We recommend setting aside time twice a year to look at forthcoming award opportunities and carefully consider whether to dedicate time and resources to entering.

Why enter awards?

Raise your profile

Entering awards can be a great way to get your business noticed. Often, the organisation running the awards will promote not only the winners, but also the shortlisted companies in the run-up to the awards, which is great PR for any business.

Depending on the award, it can also help to reinforce the values of your brand. For example, if a key brand value is sustainability, then winning the award for ‘Best Environmental Initiative’ would play an important role in emphasising your commitment in this area.

At Moneypenny, we pride ourselves on our extraordinary people. They’re an integral part of everything we do and have achieved, and have come to be what we’re known for. We recruit the very best individuals and have created a culture that means those people choose to stay and work for us long-term. Our listing in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For shows our staff, clients and the general public, that we are committed to our employees and to offering them the very best possible environment and opportunities.

Celebrate your successes and achievements

For small business owners and managers, life is extremely busy. However, entering an award, or even just thinking about which awards your business could be involved with, is a great way of recognising just how far your business has come and what it could achieve if you put yourself out there.


Award ceremonies are also the perfect place to network with other businesses. This may be particularly true of local and regional awards which offer a chance to celebrate with other successful businesses in your area.

Reward and recognise your staff

What better way to acknowledge the efforts of those involved in the success of your organisation than to take them to an awards dinner. These glitzy occasions are perfect for celebrating and consolidating successes with the people who helped you get there.

Increase your credibility

The credibility that an award brings can help an organisation win new clients and attract new talent.  A business award is a huge endorsement for your business and can help you stand out from your competitors. Everyone wants to work for an organisation with high performance, and winning awards is a great sign that a business is in a strong position within the market.

Which awards to enter?

The first thing to think about is which award suits you and your business the best. What are your strengths as a business? Is there a particular project, product or service you are particularly proud of? Which awards would your customers be more likely to recognise? What credibility would help you stand out from your competition?

There are so many different types of awards, from regional business awards, which cover all types of business, to industry-specific awards. Regional awards may be the best approach if you want to improve visibility locally. On the other hand, if your aim is to position your business as a leader or expert in your field, then industry awards could be a great way to achieve this.

There is often a multitude of categories to choose from and it can make sense to enter in more than one category if you meet the criteria. Some awards charge an entry fee whilst others are free to enter, however, be prepared to pay for tickets to the awards ceremony if you are shortlisted and wish to attend.

When to enter

Award entries take time to put together so invest your efforts in the ones you stand the best chance of winning. Look carefully at all the categories and the judging criteria for each. Think about what you can include in your submission to grab the judge’s attention. When you’ve found the right category for you and your business, then it’s time to get to work on crafting a winning submission.

Once you’ve entered and been shortlisted, make sure you capitalise on the opportunity as much as possible. Share your success on social media and with your clients. Include relevant logos on your website and other marketing materials. Try to make the most of any opportunities which come from the awards, such as agreeing to interviews or issuing press releases. But most of all, enjoy putting your business and all of your hard work in the spotlight!

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