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How Moneypenny Receptionists can assist your on-site visitors

Working in collaboration with Vpod and their Vgreet solution, Moneypenny Receptionists are now able to greet and assist visitors to your office or premises via on-demand video concierge.

Balancing the efficiency of technology with the reassurance of a real person, they are on hand to ensure an exceptional front of house experience without the need for social distancing. The ways Moneypenny Receptionists can help are endless, but keep reading to see some of the most popular: 

Accurate health screening

When visitors arrive, we can run a super-quick and completely non-invasive health screening. Ideal in the current climate, this thermal imaging tool will ensure you’re keeping your employees safe by giving you the reassurance you’re not letting anyone with a temperature into your office or premises. 

This feature takes seconds to complete and all your visitors need to do is stand in front of the Vgreet and position their face within the frame shown on the screen so the camera can accurately take their temperature. 

Seamless check-in

If a visitor requires assistance whilst checking in, all they need to do is press or say “help” and they will be connected to a Moneypenny Receptionist instantly. Don’t worry if you have more than one Vgreet across multiple offices, we’ll be able to see exactly which location the visitor is at, meaning we handle every call appropriately. 

If the visitor has forgotten to bring their meeting confirmation with them, we’re able to check them in there and then and even print off a visitors badge for them to wear throughout their stay. From there, we’ll notify the person they are meeting with that they have arrived.

Direct visitors around your building

As part of your initial set-up, we will get to know everything about your premises – from meeting room locations and toilets to refreshment areas and fire exits, we’ll cover it all. We will also inform visitors of any Covid-19 on-site policies you may have in place, including wearing face coverings and locating hand-sanitizing stations throughout your building. This means, we’re able to direct visitors to where they need to go for their meeting and make sure they feel safe and at home during their visit, exactly as your in-house reception team would.

Real-time information

Moneypenny Receptionists are able to provide visitors with transport updates (including train and bus times) and contact details for taxi companies in your area. What’s more, they can advise visitors on the local amenities, such as recommended food establishments, car parks and even help direct them to their hotel accommodation if needed.

Rate your front of house experience 

For every visitor that interacts with a Moneypenny Receptionist via the Vgreet, we can request they complete a short survey to rate their experience. This is a really useful way of obtaining customer feedback and takes just seconds for the visitor to complete.

These are just a few of the many different ways that Moneypenny Receptionists and the Vgreet system work together to ensure a seamless visitor experience. To find out more about how our Visitor Management solution works click here or give our team a call on 0333 202 1005 today.

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