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How to motivate your team

At Moneypenny we pride ourselves on our people.

Our staff are our most important asset, and from a new starter’s very first encounter with us, we make it our mission to ensure they are happy, supported and enjoy coming to work.

We like to think that Moneypenny is the perfect example of how prioritising workplace culture can translate into motivated and engaged staff. We know first-hand that an engaged workforce is a more productive one, and our remarkably low staff turnover is testament to our approach to recruitment and culture.

We’re often asked about how we keep our people motivated and maintain such a positive, productive working environment, so we’ve taken a look at some of the ways you can get your team motivated and ultimately increase the success and productivity of your business as a whole.

Make everyone feel welcome

From checking in on a new recruit to smiling at visitors, a welcoming environment is a great start. Leading by example is also key; if the boss finds time to welcome people, or to stop and chat with team members regularly to check-in, then others will follow their lead.

Create the right working environment

Depending on the type of business there will be different constraints, but making a workplace safe and comfortable is so important. Talk to your staff and find out what’s important to them and what would help improve their working life. This will ensure that any changes implemented have a real impact and staff will feel valued and listened to.

Celebrate successes

Whilst it may seem like an obvious point, it is one that many employers overlook when they are busy or distracted by other priorities. Celebrating and congratulating employees on their success will greatly enhance job satisfaction for your team members.

We do this with our WOW cards. Awarded to staff to celebrate whenever they’ve gone the extra mile, our WOW cards make sure every effort is recognised – however big or small.


People are more motivated when they understand the goals of an organisation. When this is communicated properly, you’ll see your staff working closer together and overcoming obstacles as a team. Conversely, being kept in the dark about what a business wants from its employees often leads to frustration and demotivation. Communication should be a two-way process and an open-door policy is a great place to start.

Offer opportunities to progress

Promoting from within and offering opportunities for staff to train and develop in their individual careers is a huge motivator. Take the time to understand the career aspirations of your employees and, where possible, make every effort to support them to achieve their goals.

Social events

Whether it’s team-building activities or Friday drinks, be sure to set aside some time (on a regular basis) for your team to ‘down tools’ and socialise with one another out of the office environment. Providing your team with a chance to let their hair down will boost morale – and let’s be honest, they deserve it!

The little things

From free fruit to fitness classes, a half-day off on birthdays or treats to celebrate hitting the week’s target, there are always things an employer can do to support wellbeing in the workplace and encourage a positive working culture.

Here at Moneypenny, we provide our team members with a whole host of benefits to help keep them motivated, and show them that their hard work and dedication to our business is valued. Our on-site pub ‘The Dog & Bone’, thorough training and support, free on-site gym, free breakfasts, insurances, and car valeting, are just a few of the best benefits available to our staff.

You can follow day-to-day life here at Moneypenny and find out more about our working culture on our social media channels.  Or, why not listen to our webinar on embracing employee engagement with our very own Head of Business Development, Claire Smith.

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