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Introducing Moneypenny’s Legal Team

Moneypenny handles in excess of two million legal calls and live chats each year for more than 1,000 legal firms in the UK –  all thanks to a dedicated team of legal PAs and business development managers.  Here we’d like to introduce you some of the key members of our team:

Bernadette Bennett, Head of Legal

Bernadette has been part of the Moneypenny family for 16 years – the majority of which have been dedicated to growing our client base in the legal sector. For the past 12 years, Bernadette has overseen the successful onboarding of thousands of UK law firms, including the personal acquisition of 70 of the sector’s Top 200.

Bernadette’s in-depth knowledge of the sector makes her an industry regular at roundtables and she receives numerous invitations to participate at industry events and contribute to webinars.

She is passionate about helping legal firms of all shapes and sizes, be that individual practices or multinational firms, and takes the time to understand firms’ individual challenges and improve their approach to client care and business development. Bernadette leads a team that shares her infectious enthusiasm and professional approach.

Amy Hartshorn, Business Support

Amy started her Moneypenny journey as a receptionist six years ago, before quickly joining the SME new business team. Having first-hand experience of Moneypenny’s inimitable approach to call handling and customer care, Amy was well placed to help hundreds of small and start-up businesses make cost effective improvements to their client experience.

Amy’s expertise saw her move to Charleston in the USA for two and a half years where she headed Moneypenny’s sales team.  Now back in the UK, Amy works closely with Bernadette and the legal team to ensure clients get the most from Moneypenny’s products and services. Amy is valued for her focus on building trustworthy relationships with new and existing clients.

Laura Roberts, Key Account Manager

During Laura’s 10-year career at Moneypenny she’s built an impressive knowledge of the legal sector and the pain points that Moneypenny can solve– all aided by her experience as a former Moneypenny receptionist.

For Laura, working closely with Moneypenny clients is where she really excels and it’s why she now supports key clients within the legal and corporate sectors. She has exceptional knowledge of the challenge’s legal firms’ face, how they operate and why improved client care can support growth.

Lewis Dodd, Outbound

Many of our legal clients start their Moneypenny journey by speaking with Lewis. With a background in business development, Lewis is a valuable team member and supports Bernadette with new business acquisitions.

With his strengths in communication and relationship building, Lewis is adept at onboarding clients seamlessly and is regularly praised for his ability to build rapport easily – all of which helps to set the tone for long-lasting client relationships.

If you’d like to find out more about Moneypenny’s legal team and how they could support your business, visit our tailored legal services page or call us on 0333 009 8342.

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