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Real quality comes with a dedicated service, tailored to law firms

Keeping ahead of the curve in today’s legal world is a challenge at the best of times, and you need people you trust pulling their weight to make sure your clients are cared for and that the job is done to the high standards you expect of yourself and your firm. That’s where Moneypenny comes in.   

As leaders in outsourced calls, live chat and more, our dedicated provision lies at the heart of what we do. We give you hand-picked people to work exactly as if based in your business, ensuring you have all the help you need to meet the demands of an ever-changing legal industry and keep ahead of your competitors. 

There are three pillars that differentiate Moneypenny from any other provider out there: our people, our technology and our culture. Combined, they form a completely unique approach and help us to provide exceptional dedicated services with the quality we are renowned for. 


Our brilliant people 

Our team is at the heart of everything we do, and this doesn’t waver when it comes to the services we provide our clients. New team members are put through an intensive training programme, led by our experienced trainers, so they’re prepped to handle all kinds of calls, ready for when they join their department. For legal receptionists, this means understanding the terminology, the industry, and the types of callers they are likely to encounter.  

Whether this is differentiating between notaries and swears, being able to talk naturally about every part of a house purchase, or speaking to members of the justice system about criminal cases, our receptionists learn quickly and put their skills to use right away. Once placed in their teams, our receptionists are constantly growing their knowledge of the industry, getting to grips with the nuances of the legal sector and continuing to build their experience.  

The list is endless as to what our receptionists are capable of when taking calls for your firm. But the important thing is that with our people, you can put your trust in someone you know will always do the right thing when talking to your clients, represent your firm perfectly, and act with the utmost professionalism at all times. 


Our proprietary technology 

The technology our receptionists have at their fingertips is truly amazing. Our in-house call management system, Rita, helps them answer incoming calls and view company information in an instant, allowing for a naturally flowing conversation. Through Rita, our receptionists can transfer calls to you wherever you’re working – via your office line, mobile number or straight into Microsoft Teams – send emails, and even drop caller information into your CRM system via Zapier.   

Rita also houses all the information our receptionists need to know about your firm; from your office address with directions on how to get there and how many offices you have, to a list of employees with contact details, and bank details to confirm to other firms making a payment.  

And there’s our world-first integration with Microsoft Teams, which allows us to view the availability of everyone in your firm. For example, if a caller wants to speak to a member of your new business team with a conveyancing enquiry, our receptionists can quickly run through the list of appropriate people in your team to transfer the call to and select those who are available. If they’re all busy, they’ll take a message and send it across to everyone who has access to the emails for that particular team to get back to the caller.  

With all of this amazing tech at their disposal, our team can work as a completely seamless extension of your business, helping you to focus on what you do best and doing the heavy lifting when it comes to your calls.  


Our one-of-a-kind environment 

We live by our ethos of ‘Moneypenny Love’ – meaning that we always have a smile on our faces and we go the extra mile to provide the quality dedicated service that our clients expect. And it all takes place at our home in Wrexham, North Wales. Built for our team by our team, our unique office keeps our workforce happy and engaged, complete with on-site pub, open plan cafeteria, gym, wellbeing room and breakout areas, all nestled within acres of greenery, including pond, an orchard and beehives.  

In the working areas of the building, our people benefit from a workspace built with their wellbeing, as well as delivering the ultimate caller experience, in mind. This includes the open-plan seating and honeycomb desk layout, which brings our staff closer together so they can share and learn from one another easily, and our specialist Jabra headsets that allow our receptionists to chat with callers with zero background noise. There’s also plenty of natural light throughout the building which helps contribute to a healthy mindset.  

It’s not just an office, it’s a home away from home, and it’s designed so our people can show up to work and thrive in what they do, so the service they provide is delivered to the highest possible standard – after all, happy people means happy customers.  


Here at Moneypenny, we have lots of experience in providing a high quality, dedicated service to hundreds of law firms. Whether these are firms that deal with a specific area of law and require a telephone answering service to support this speciality, or large-scale corporations nestling a group of law firms that handle every facet of legal work and need professional and knowledgeable receptionists, we do it all.   

If you’re looking for support for your law firm, talk to us. We’ll spend time getting to know your business and how you like to work so we can recommend the ideal solution and provide a tailored quote. Call us on 0333 202 1005 today. 

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